Longarm Quilting

Oh, the possibilities!

At Keep Sewing, we love longarm quilting! We are Michigan’s only dealer of Nolting Longarm Quilting Machines, which are proudly made in the U.S.A.

We also offer classes and training on how to use your longarm quilting machine to help you get creative with your quilting!


Fred Nolting loved to work on any type of machine. He also loved to invent and innovate. Fred had been involved with sewing machines most of his life. In the 1970’s he built a rough proto-type of a long reach machine that was also high inside the throat of the machine. It wasn’t long until Fred was asked to build machines as a sideline for others to sell. Fred made it a full time business in 1984. By 1989 Fred began to put his own name on his machines.

Read about the full history of Nolting here.

What is longarm quilting?

Longarm quilting machines sew together a quilt top, batting, and the quilt backing. The machine’s long arm makes it ideal for quilting.

Longarm quilting allows you to create your own stitching designs, with the option of using patterns, by either tweaking a design or creating your own. Longarm quilting allows you to have full control of the machine or use a computerized machine that automates the process so you can sit down and relax while the machine quilts it for you!

The setup

The system consists of a longarm quilting machine, a frame, a table, and rollers.

Typically frames are 10 – 14 feet by 2.5 – 4 feet and support rolling bars where the quilt is placed. The longarm quilting machine head runs on track-wheels along the frame. The table contains a flat clear plastic region under which you can place the designs you want to emulate when stitching your quilt. Some machines have laser pointers that will guide you as well.

You can completely guide the machine or let the computer do it. It’s up to you!


Make sure to consider size before purchasing a machine. Are you going to make baby blankets or King-sized quilts? Keep Sewing can help you make sure you get a machine that fits your purpose.

Key benefits of longarm quilting include:

  • Saves you time
  • Aids creativity
  • Easy to use

Types of longarm quilting

  • Custom quilting
  • Custom quilting using ruler design
  • Computerized quilting
  • Edge-to-edge

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