Computerized Quilting

What is computerized quilting?

Take the old-fashioned tradition of quilting but add 21st century technology to it to make creative projects that would have been difficult in the past. Also save time while you’re doing it. Computerized quilting is the best of both worlds!

Featured product

Quiltmagine is a professional automated quilting system that uses computer technology. Quiltmagine is compatible with Nolting products as well as a variety of other brands. Please call to see if Quiltmagine will work with your machine.

Benefits of Quiltmagine:

  • Over 200 patterns to choose from (or design your own)
  • The ability to adjust and layout blocks, pantographs, or a whole quilt
  • High accuracy
  • Allows you to trace patterns from photographs
  • Provides simplified pantograph creation
  • Ability to quilt any size block
  • Offers precise placement methods
  • Integrated software links technology to design, position patterns, pantographs, borders, and full quilt layouts
  • Allows you to see your pattern in relation to your quilt on screen before you begin

You’ve got options

With Quiltmagine you are given a lot of freedom. You can use the mirror image of the designs provided or adjust the image. If you don’t find something that strikes your fancy, you can also import images from other programs or design your own.


You can also see on the screen how your pattern matches up with your quilt. Since the machine is so precise, it allows you to be even more creative in how you pair the quilt’s fabric with the stitching pattern(s) to complement or play off each other.

What inspires you?

To get really creative, you can trace your own photographs to make your own original patterns. Perhaps it’s a tulip, a cardinal, or an oak leaf that inspired you to take the picture in the first place. Why not use it to make an inspiring quilt?

Can you purchase designs from other companies?

Yes. The Quiltmagine is able to import designs from several companies for use with your machine.

A new approach to quilting

Call us if you are interested in learning more about computerized quilting. We’d be happy to talk about the possibilities and see if it’s right for you.

Contact us today for all your computerized quilting needs!


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