Custom Quilting

What is custom quilting?

With a longarm quilting machine you are able to decide what you want the stitch pattern to look like. In custom quilting work, you have the option to make each quilt block different, making your quilt truly original and wholly yours.


What are the key benefits of custom quilting?

One of the advantages of custom quilting is that you get a one-of-a-kind quilt when you design your own stitch pattern. The drawback is that it is more time consuming. However, if you’ve got a great idea that requires this kind of work, we say it’s worth it!

When would custom quilting come in handy?

For projects such as an AIDS quilt, Block-of-the-Month (BOM) or Sampler Quilts where every block is different, it makes sense to use a stitch pattern that complements each square.

Or, perhaps you want to make a quilt for a grandchild, with each square representing a year of his or her life. If you took a picture of a building, perhaps you would want stitches in precise rows. On the other hand, if the next block depicts a canoe on the water, maybe you would find it more appropriate to do a freestyle pattern of meandering lines to represent the waves in the water.

These are subtle details, but sure to be appreciated for the thought you put into it and the finished project’s effect. For nearly any creative idea you have in mind, custom quilting can bring it to life.

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